Fall is Coming!!!

We're going to have so much fun playing, learning, and laughing together on the weekends this fall! We hope you'll join us!

Dig It Theme PreviewFall Theme Preview: DIG IT

We cannot wait to dig-in to some great stories in our Trailbooks this fall! Archaeologists are scientists who dig deep into the ground to uncover artifacts and other treasures from the past, like dinosaur bones.

This fall, we will become Trailbook archaeologists, and we'll dig into God's Word! We'll learn about how God created a beautiful world and everything in it, including you and me. We'll keep digging to learn all about who Jesus is, and how Jesus lived and died for us. We will even dig around to understand more about how our Trailbooks are put together, and how we can memorize verses to keep God's Word in our hearts.

To Get Signed Up:

Have the person who scheduled you last time call Stephanie at one of the numbers listed below!

Michigan: (517) 569-3328

Arizona: (520) 466-3093